Our Team

NewWave is a team of technology professionals ready to meet the needs of your business every day. Having the right people in the right roles ensures we deliver the right service and solutions for YOU.

Rather than a list of corporate titles, here's the team that makes IT about YOU.

Paul – Leadership


Paul is NewWave's fearless leader, managing the day to day operations of the business. As a believer in personal financial responsibility, Paul's knowledge as an intermediate investor contributes to his sound business sense.

Loving God and family above all else, Paul also enjoys fishing and basketball when he is out of the office.

Rufus – Engineer


Rufus manages the IT staff and all IT projects, which is rather important and makes him everyone's built-in IT and gadget guru, both in and out of the office. We think he's brilliant, but don't worry, he has degrees from OSU to prove it.

Rufus likes getting to know people, so here's a brief list of things he likes: camping, hiking and fly fishing, playing guitar, cooking, photography, craft beer, and time with friends. His all-time favorite band is the Grateful Dead (RIP Jerry).

Shane – Support


Shane is the one responsible for managing projects and ensuring installs are timely and orderly so that our clients can continue their daily operations with minimal interruption. He finds the best NewWave Team member for each project's needs and keeps them on schedule, following through on NewWave's commitment to excellent customer satisfaction.

During off hours, you want Shane in your corner. 21 years of training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu means he can now fall down gracefully in Portuguese.

Rob – Engineer


Rob is an engineer, and that means Rob likes to play with high-end toys. Rob likes to help others, too. Rob likes to help by making YOUR high-end toys and technology play nicely and do everything you want them to do. Be like Rob… we say that, but we recognize that Rob is one of a kind, and we are glad he is part of our team.

Rob loves to travel the world and has seen over 30 different countries, but he spends most of his off-duty time with friends, serving his community and church.

Kellen – Leadership


Kellen loves that his position as VP of Sales always challenges him, allowing him to use his gifts and talents to help others. Kellen's approachable, positive nature and the relationships he builds with his customers are invaluable resources that we and our customers depend on every step of the way.

Kellen is never really off duty, as he is a dedicated husband to his beautiful wife and loving father to a baby boy as stubborn and mischievous as he is. His parents think he deserves every minute.

Lauren – Sales


Lauren is the driving force behind the dedicated training NewWave provides for you and your staff. Lauren loves helping you learn how to use the technology and solving your tech-related problems. Problem solving and support is her priority, and if she doesn't have the answer, rest assured, she will find it for you.

Lauren enjoys spending her time after hours in the library or running… but never running in the library, because that would be unsafe.

Tara – Sales


Tara loves to solve your problems and gets excited about a good puzzle where she can wrangle all the pieces into place for the best possible outcome. Because she sees the big picture of how your business operates, she is part of how we design and implement solutions to make technology work for you and your company, every day.

Outside of the office, Tara is likely to be in the community, meeting new people, or working on her Pilates skills. In addition to puzzle pieces, she also spends time wrangling her husband and little boy.

Jeremi – Support


Jeremi loves the people he gets to meet and help as he works with our customers in an ever-changing environment. Every time he visits a client, he learns something new. In return, the knowledge he gains becomes an asset to the team and helps us all serve your needs better.

On weekends you'll find Jeremi outdoors – hunting and fishing – or just hanging out with his family.

Eric – Support


Eric handles upper tier service issues for the telecom side of NewWave. His favorite thing about his work is facing each new challenge and constantly expanding his knowledge base. We know phone issues are frustrating; let Eric handle it so you don't have to.

During his down time, Eric enjoys fishing, hiking, projects around the house, and teaching his hamster to waterski.

Ryan – Engineer


Ryan manages the ticket board and all service related requests. In short, he's a hero, solving issues with a big smile on his face – because he really likes being the hero. We think his motto should be "Challenge accepted!"

Ryan is a Michigan Wolverine in human clothing and spends his free time hanging out with his family. (We are uncertain if he remains in human clothing while spending time with family and to the best of our knowledge, no wolverines were harmed in the making of this bio.)

Jeff – Engineer


Jeff is responsible for maintaining the design and integrity of your software systems, along with coordinating your complex projects. He is also part of the help desk team, backing up Ryan and Rob on your service issues.

Jeff has lived in Oklahoma all of his life and is a camper and sports fan. He doesn't believe soccer is a sport, and if you ask him why he'll be happy to discuss his thoughts and hear yours. Boomer!