Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Protecting Your Business

Rely on Our Deep Bench of System Security Experts

What could a breakdown in your communications system mean to your business? Serious service gaps and business disruptions for your customers, partners and suppliers… for starters.

That's why we guarantee a solution that will give you complete business continuity – no matter the situation. Not only do we provide continuous monitoring to boost uptime reliability, we offer a rich suite of disaster avoidance and recovery protections to ensure your data is safe, secure and easily recoverable.

Gain Continuity

Take the next step in your journey to complete reliability while experiencing the amazing benefits of robust network uptime.

Maintain Control

Our experts assist you with a Business Continuity Plan designed just for your business to ensure routing capabilities and effective service compliance.

Save Money

Our services are incredibly affordable for businesses. Call us today and find out now how quickly and economically we can protect you, your customers and your business.

Top Features

Better Technology

Our state of the art technology is equipped with automatic backup and failover, plus 8 redundant points of presence and more – making your data easy to find, fully protected and accessible from anywhere.

24x7x365 Protection

Unrivaled service means continuous around the clock monitoring of your system. If a malfunction causes your system not to respond, we'll know immediately. That way, we can alert you right away and better protect your business operations.


Through superior innovation, we're able to secure all data and replicate it safely offsite to the cloud. Newave backs up new and changed files, so even if a disaster hits, you keep true business continuity, no matter what happens.

Newave has been able to help us solve a long, ongoing problem we had gaining remote access to our company's security cameras… nothing short of courteous, reliable and outstanding service.”

Kelley Small, Office Manager, ABA Service Inc.

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Newave Guarantees 99.999% Uptime

Our guarantee includes:

  • Disaster Recovery built-in
  • Automatic backup and failover
  • 24/7/365 proactive support
  • Money-back guarantee for any down time exceeding 99.999%
  • 8 redundant points of presence and more