Choosing a Phone System

Just like you mixed and matched your clothes this morning, you need the same variety of options with your company's phone system. Everybody's style is different and your communication needs require tailoring to address them optimally.


If your current phone system vendor doesn't have the flexibility to accommodate your business initiatives, then you have a critical choice to make – stay with the same limited phone configurations or upgrade to an IP-PBX phone system. You should definitely do the latter. It'll give you the freedom to mix and match your VoIP and SIP providers, just as you would the brands in your closet.

Below are a few ways you can choose to configure an IP-PBX phone system to meet your business's needs:

Customize How You Work

With Voice over Internet Protocol, you can easily integrate software programs like email, e-fax and remote conferencing over the Internet via the phone. This allows you to multi-task as you can access other applications, including the Internet, at the same time you are on the phone. Since you can take your adapter with you anywhere, you can also hold important conferences while you are traveling. Many services also allow you to sync all of your devices together so they ring at the same time. This way, you always have access to your phone calls even if you are not at the office. These providers are also recognizing the importance of smartphones and many offer mobile apps for even more flexibility.

Choose How You Communicate

In addition to making and receiving calls over the Internet, you also need other features such as emailing voicemails, recording calls, attaching documents, conducting virtual meetings and sharing data via video conferences. All of this frees up more time for employees to focus on other aspects of their job and allows for more multitasking.

Employees Down the Hall or Across the U.S.

You won't always find the best employees located near your physical office. With an IP-PBX phone system, you can expand your search and employee pool to virtual employees. As long as they have an Internet connection you can get in touch with them. Of course, you'll still need to be considerate of time zones.

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